Project Description

Welcome To The House Of Fun


Hosting a party can be incredibly rewarding, all your friends, family or loved ones totally relaxed, free and full of good humour. It doesn’t get better than that – welcome to the house of fun! But as Madness plays in the background, you don’t want a riot on your hands. Running out of beers, wines or spirits can be a huge dampner. The golden rule of a house full of fun is to also be stocked up. Estimating what you need can be tricky, but thats where we come in – helping you get the most out of your available party budget.

Get The Music Bang On


With so many online services for playlist creation and musical ideas – you can easily be the Ultimate DJ! Once you have the playlists that you want just hit play when the time is right and watch everyone start to have a great time. The right music makes a massive impact of peoples mood and fun levels. Keep the music and beers flowing for endless fun.

Hit The Funny Bone Hard


Timing is everything in the world of comedy, so practise a few jokes in the mirror one night. You don’t need a one hour slot of endless jokes, just a couple of well timed little jokes to keep everybody smiling. Before you know it everyone is involved sharing jokes and making fun and mischief. All because you started it with “Roses are red, violets are blue …… “

Party Hosting Tip No.1 – Early Arrivals


It’s an hour before your party, and you’re still in sweats when the doorbell rings. Don’t panic. Tell your guest to grab a drink while you get dressed. (Low-maintenance snacks like nuts and olives are handy here, too.) After that, explain that you have some things to finish, but that he or she is welcome to watch TV. Chances are, this time-challenged guest’s manners will kick in and you’ll score an assistant!

Party Hosting Tip No. 2 – Mix It Up



Any beer will do over a campfire really! But if your talking and laughing about that big catch earlier – why not break out the Heinekens for everybody?



Brrrr – it’s cold out side and the cold is starting to run through your bones. The instant cure? A tot of Smirnoff! If it’s good enough for the Russians 🙂



It’s party time. Throw on some magic Bles Bridges tunes and you’re away …… Rhiana? Nah we rock to Bles and Bacardi …… that’s how we roll!


Enlist Help Cleaning Up

It's up to you but why not get some of your mates to help out with the clearing up? You could be 10 minutes away from being ship shape again. Easy peasy lemon squeasy!

Please Enjoy Responsibly

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