Parties of all Sizes

Festive fun is in the air – whether it is a house party, the big 40th, 50th, 60th or even 70th, the ultimate braaing experience, or the christmas party for your place of work. We’ve got the right mix of drinks to ensure you can be the cocktail King or Queen on the big day.

Wedding Catering

No, not the dress, flowers or church selection – we are talking about the toasting and celebratory drinks afterwards. Champagne to toast the lovely couple, spirits for the old boys, wines for the girls, beers for the boys, cold drinks for the kids and water for Grumpy Gary.

Family Wakes

The opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one cannot be taken lightly – but nor can it be taken too seriously. Make sure you have everything you need to put family and friends at ease, then sit back and indulge in the sharing all those beautiful memories.

Weekend Breaks

Are you the amorous adventurous type? Thinking of going glamping? Why not make sure you have everything you need to make sure everyone has the best time ever? Even Bear Grylls has a little something on those cold nights and warm days to pass the time away!

Braai Top-ups

Bliksam!! – extra guests have arrived and they can’t go thirsty. People will laugh when they hear you ran out of fun. Save your friendships, save the day and gain some extra street cred by being back in a flash with whatever they were looking for. You are the hero!

After Work One-offs

Super bad day? Boss is a %$£*? Yeah we get it – life is often not perfect and people like to blame others for any imperfections, often blaming you! But hey, if you need something to take the edge off of a rotten day, we are here till late, but keep your bad day to yourself 😉

We’re available for any occasion!


We Offer A Great Selection Of Beers, Wines & Spirits

With a total of over 1100 products from which to choose from, we are confident that we have something for you, your family and friends.

Beers & Ciders
Beautifully Happy Clients

How it Works

You Mail Us

Give as much info as you can via the contact form on the contact us page, response within 24 hours.

We Talk

Let us know the date, venue, number of people, mix of drinks required. Up to a 2 week lead time.

We Order

For large orders we may need to order additional stock from our suppliers, but we’ll let you know.

You Collect

We’ll have your order ready for you to collect and whisk away to enjoy. We’ll even put it in your car for you!



Absolute have my favourite Pinot Grigio. When the girls want to stop by for a girlie night, they know they have to swing by Absolute for a bottle of my favourite. Thanks Absolute!
Sarah, Farramerre
I stop by quite often for my favourite drink – KWV and coke. It’s great to have a quick chat and talk about my favourite team – The Lions. Absolute Liquor are always friendly and keep me happy.
Elliot, Atlasville
My job requires me to do a lot of entertaining, often at short notice, if it wasn’t for Absolute I would have many unhappy customers on my hands. Those late night runs save my bacon.
Philemon, Alphen Park

We can help you with occasions of any size



Please Enjoy Responsibly

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